BeYonder Ltd


BeYonder is a profit for purpose, living wage employer

BeYonder Textile specialises in small batch, bespoke manufacturing for independent designers, retailers and other end users of high quality fabric goods and clothing.
See our Make Works Page for more info.

BeYonder Education specialises in partnership working with schools, education authorities and corporate clients through our philanthropic group, BeYonder Involve. We work with older pupils in order to develop their capacity and skills for employment and with younger pupils in support of their creative learning.  Our educational focus is on the provision of facilitated learning in schools and other learning groups developing themes of global citizenship, intra and entrepreneurship and improving general employability for those seeking vocational employment.

For corporate clients we offer bespoke training solutions from our Weekenducate® range developed from decades of business development experience in high-performance, target-driven, complex multi-site businesses.

In manufacturing, we operate a fully functioning training factory specialising in manufactured textile goods in the Clyde Gateway area of the City as a result of our Legacy project work improving and developing the sewing skill base of the City.

Our entrepreneurial focus is on any business idea – or any individuals within any business or organisation – compatible with our Mission, Vision, Values and Mindset as detailed below.

In every sector, we take great pride in our ability to reach disengaged and disadvantaged individuals as a force multiplier for existing support and intervention systems.


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BeYonder Mission

 BeYonder will identify, develop and grow new and existing talent in children, young people, schools and the wider community in order to support those children, young people, schools and the wider community going BeYond their present horizons.

BeYonder Vision

BeYonder believes in a business landscape founded on an understanding of the need to nurture and support untapped potential in an ethical and sustainable manner in all ages and societal groups.

BeYonder Values

Collaboration over competition.
Harmony over disunion.
Assistance and support for personal growth at all times.
The need to seek solutions for any limit on potential.
The need to respect and encourage diversity.
The need to champion the great strengths of diversity in business.

BeYonder Mindset

There is room for all in business.
Our economic growth potential requires collaboration as a society.
We can and will achieve economic growth in an environmentally responsible manner.
A business can only be truly sustainable when founded on an ethical platform.


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