Mission, Vision, Values and Mindset

BeYonder Mission

BeYonder will be the best enabling business in the textile industry. We will support start-ups and growing businesses at any stage of development to move their designs from initial concept to retail-ready product and work willingly with both industry and academic partners to help modernise Scottish textile manufacturing and further support the growth of Scottish textile exports.

BeYonder Vision

BeYonder believes in a business landscape founded on the strongest, and most ethical, social and environmental principles.  Our vision is of a business eco-system where the need to operate profitably does not prevent investment in people and protection of the environment; a commercial world where purpose is the driving force behind great achievement.

BeYonder Values

Collaboration over competition.
Harmony over disunion.
Assistance and support for personal growth at all times.
The need to seek solutions for any limit on potential.
The need to respect and encourage diversity.
The need to champion the great strengths of diversity in business.

BeYonder Mindset

There is room for all in business.
Our economic growth potential requires collaboration as a society.
We can and will achieve economic growth in an environmentally responsible manner.
A business can only be truly sustainable when founded on an ethical platform.

Knowledge is not power.  Knowledge is responsibility.
This underpins our culture of integrity