BeYonder People


Christina Mackay and David Scott, BeYonder Founders and Directors

Christina Mackay

Chrissy Mackay is the MD of BeYonder Ltd.

Glasgow born and educated, Chrissy is passionate about developing the youth potential of the City. Whilst developing markets for the BeYonder brand she is also heavily engaged in coaching young entrepreneurs to develop their own product ranges as well as assisting others into the employed world through a solid network of supporting business owners.

Her vision is to inspire young people to adopt a global perspective in all their business activities whilst retaining sensitivity to the needs of their local communities.  Chrissy is determined that together we will go beyond the norm of achievement in an ethically entrepreneurial community of collaboration and achievement.

David Scott

A Director of BeYonder Ltd, David brings a wealth of commercial experience to the Board as well as a background in tailoring from a lifelong involvement with the Incorporation of Tailors in Glasgow.

Also Glasgow born and educated, David was the Chief Executive of GTG Training from 2004 until 2014 and a specialist adviser on Youth Training and Development to the Board of Arnold Clark Automobiles, the parent company of GTG Training where he originally started work in staff development in 1999.

David has been a member of the Goodison Group in Scotland since its formation in 2005 to bring together experienced people from the worlds of business, government and education to focus on particular themes to do with learning, skills and productivity. David is an active Council Director with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, an advisor to the Samaritans of Glasgow and has held Board level appointments with a number of social charities including Sea Shepherd UK, the Glasgow Buildings Preservation Trust and BeYonder Involve.