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Commonwealth Connectivity Quilt Resources

With the rush to digital technology and so much effort, energy and finance being channelled into preparing the next generation for virtual workplaces and a service economy there is a growing risk that we let slip our focus on timeless skills such as sewing. The Commonwealth Connectivity Quilt was designed, in large part, to provide a mechanism for teachers to support traditional learning within the modern context of Curriculum for Excellence.

Having now had the privilege of working in schools across the City of Glasgow, we have seen first-hand this sewing project  ignite interest, empower creativity & cause awareness of talent across the board from P1 – P7 and including a fair few parents as well as the teachers who assisted so ably on this project. We have seen amazing teamwork, collaboration, care, co-operative learning, consideration, patience and understanding in young citizens who, without this legacy project, may not so easily have found such an opportunity to display their best natures.

We are certain that we have been working with young people who will go on to become designers and manufacturers in textiles and with others whose new-found sewing skills will inspire them to become surgeons, veterinarians, sail-makers or any other profession where core-skills are every bit as important as the academic qualifications which support them.

Please feel free to use these resources to continue the project wherever you are and with whichever age group you are working, from pre-school to post-work and all ages in between.

Instruction Booklet with Panel Templates

Teacher Support Video