BeYonder Involve


BeYonder Involve is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Charity Number SC046850.

Involve was originally formed as the philanthropic division of the BeYonder family and started life as a community organisation in 2014. On 18th September 2016, BeYonder Involve became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Charity Number SC046850, with a completely independent Board of Trustees and now has the following Charitable Purposes:

To advance education and to advance citizenship and community development particularly (although not exclusively) for the benefit of children and young people through the provision in partnership with schools, voluntary and community organisations and other bodies, of projects that aim to encourage learning, identify and develop talent and skills, promote volunteering and provide opportunities for participants to take an active part in the social, civic and economic life of their communities.

BeYonder Ltd continues to support BeYonder Involve as its main philanthropic focus and provides the charity with administrative support and free use of their textile training facilities for a number of the Charity’s programmes.

BeYonder Involve aims to deliver the following programmes and would welcome enquiries from any organisation, school or individual interested in taking part or in providing sponsorship:

INVOLVING – project management for off-curriculum school programmes, e.g. Coder Dojo, SmartSTEMs, Micro-Tyco, Money for Life Challenge, Junior Saltire Awards, Grow Wild and other similar initiatives, especially where there are no teaching staff available for these non-core activities or the school is otherwise unable to participate.

GAMIFICATION – Digital and Board Game design and development to assist with educational and career development and also where there is an opportunity to develop game formats which will assist with the identification of – and provide support for – individuals with reading, writing and numerical difficulties.

SEW IT BEGINS – a nationwide after-school sewing class based both in schools and in community centres aimed at first time sewers based on primary school children plus associated responsible adults, e.g. child and parent learning to sew together.

FASHION SCIENCE – steady roll-out of programme developed and proven at Castlemilk High School to encourage young women especially and young people generally to choose more science subjects by making those subjects more obviously ordinary, relevant and accessible. 

FROM SOWN TO SEWN – both an in-school and a community group programme whereby S1 students plant seeds and grow plants, S2 students spin yarn from the plant fibres, S3 students weave the yarns, S4 students design and manufacture clothing items and S5/S6 students learn commercial operations as part of an enterprise learning strategy.

ENTERPRISE ENABLING – training on Industrial Sewing Machinery and Garment Production Workshop Processes to the following groups:

  • Individuals returning to industry after lengthy absence
  • Individuals and Groups intending establishing their own production facilities
  • Community Groups
  • New entrants to jobs market seeking pre-apprenticeship training
  • New entrants to jobs market employed as Modern Apprentices

We especially want to provide training opportunities to significantly disadvantaged groups such as ex-offenders (and potentially current inmates), Looked After Accommodated Children (especially female and single parent) and individuals in Kinship Care.

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