Kinship Care BIG Lunch

Kinship Care BIG Lunch by the Trades House at the Glasgow Marriott


Date: 20 May 2016

Time: 12.00 noon

Venue: Glasgow Marriott Hotel

At BeYonder we are delighted to be fully involved with the Trades House of Glasgow and its huge support for Modern Apprenticeships as well as charitable giving and support to good causes to the tune of approximately £750,000 every year. Between us we hold memberships of both the Incorporation of Tailors and the Incorporation of Weavers, with one Director currently also the Preses of the Grand Antiquity Society of Glasgow.

We are therefore delighted to note that the Kinship Care Initiative, a new charity project launched by the Trades House of Glasgow that has its sights set on raising £3 million in the next five years, is to benefit from the organisation’s annual charity fundraiser, the Big Lunch. It will take place in the Glasgow Marriott Hotel, 12.00 noon on 20 May 2016.

Trades House Deacon Convener Ruth Maltman and the Deacons who head up the organisation’s 14 Incorporated Crafts and associated organisations, have made the Kinship Care Initiative the chosen charity for key fundraising activities during their year in office.

“The Kinship Care Initiative is the first charity of its kind in Scotland, and I’m delighted that it is on course for reaching its initial target of £70,000 this spring 2016,” said Deacon Convener Ruth Maltman.

“The project is about providing children and young people in kinship care with opportunities that nurture their talent, develop their skills, build character and help expand their horizons. abercorn_009

“These are young people who are looked after by their extended family as, sadly, their parents are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. We know we have at least 2,000 such children in Glasgow who have often had to live through very difficult and stressful situations. I’m very glad that we are actively helping these young people develop into confident and capable young adults.

“That’s why we are using our Big Lunch event this year to call upon the generosity of our supporters and help make it a great success for the Kinship Care Initiative, through sponsorship, buying tickets and donating to our auction and raffle.”

Actor, playwright and jazz musician, Dave Anderson, will compere the Big Lunch, which will include musical entertainment plus an auction and raffle to help boost funds. Tickets priced at £50 per head are available from the Trades House office by Tel: 0141 553 1605 or emailing