We are extremely proud that BeYonder is a partner in SMART STEMs 2015, a games legacy for Glasgow, supporting major sponsor Seric Systems and other key supporters including: Women’s Enterprise Scotland, IBM, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and People Make Glasgow.

SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY AND MATHEMATICS as a range of disciplines, represent the greatest opportunity our country has to develop the social and monetary potential of our economy in the future.

The practising of STEM-based subjects by young people, either in school or as hobbies, allows them to develop their intellectual and creative faculties for the greater good. STEM is one of our most potent vehicles for promoting greater equality, enhancing social mobility and encouraging true individuality as future thinkers and creators.

The benefits of STEM should be experienced by all. However, due to outdated and dogmatic perceptions, various demographics are more involved with STEM than others.

SMART STEMs is about encouraging, involving and inspiring more people from different demographics into STEM.

The first mission of SMART STEMs 2015 is to inspire young girls – aged 12 to 18 years old – to become the great thinkers and creators of tomorrow.

We hope to involve you in our journey.

Project development in association with:

…and thousands of young women, their teachers and supporters across Scotland:

Rebecca and Chloe SMART STEMs from Castlemilk High School, Glasgow

Rebecca and Chloe SMART STEMs from Castlemilk High School, Glasgow

Why are we doing this?

  • To mitigate Scotland’s risk of ‘Group-think’ in STEM
  • To ensure that all young people, with this first year having a particular focus on young women, see STEM as a career option
  • To help young people understand that STEM is cool, and it pays well, and is a ‘way out’ – one more likely to end in success than X-Factor
  • To ensure STEM initiatives are being run as often and widely as possible (particularly outwith education)
  • To maximise the munificent opportunities in Scotland for people working in STEM and ultimately make Scotland a better place to work and live

What is different about this compared to everything else running in this space?

  • We desire to be a facilitator through a high impact fun annual competition and event we will
    • Maximise the engagement and uptake of  existing bodies and programs by linking them efficiently with many school, groups and clubs in a single hub event
    • With our network of volunteers work along side the Private and Public Sector  to ensure experiential opportunities are maximised

What is in it for the schools?

  • At our event you will make contacts with numerous organisations like
    •  STEM stakeholder organisations
      • Make the connections you need to start that Science or Engineering Club?
      • Make links to organisations who can lessen of the burden of running programs in the school
      • Introduce passionate experts to your students and build out your network of contacts
    • Employer Organisations
      • A ready made pipeline of contacts and speakers for the school
      • Arrange more work placements more easily
      • Be at the risk of industry sponsorship for your school programs

What is the Annual Format?

  • Annual Event with Competition
    • Competition – Wearable Technology to Improve Athletes Performance
      • Design and Prepare Project Documents for your idea
    • Annual Event – Glasgow Caledonian University June 3rd 2015
      • 500 young women
      • 50-70 Teachers and/or Group Leaders
      • 2 Keynote Speakers
      • Competition Results
      • 20+ STEM breakout Sessions from Professional Women working currently in STEM
      • Event and Competition filmed by BAFTA winning Documentary Film Maker
      • Sponsorship Opportunities
      • Workplace Stands from major employers with STEM schemes
      • Many STEM organisations represented

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