SmartSTEMs Not an Event, It’s a Movement

SmartSTEMs Not an Event, It’s a Movement


People often ask us what Profit for Purpose actually means. Very simply, it means we use the profits we make from the commercial aspects of the BeYonder group to actively support activities and events which meet the aims and objectives of our philanthropic sister organisation BeYonder Involve.

One of our biggest successes to date has been SmartSTEMs where we worked directly with Seric Systems and Women’s Enterprise Scotland as well as a fabulous range of leading organisations to deliver our inaugural event at Glasgow Caledonian University, see video:

None of us could leave it there though. After all, our own mission statement is:

BeYonder will identify, develop and grow new and existing talent in children, young people, schools and the wider community in order to support those children, young people, schools and the wider community going BeYond their present horizons.

So we are delighted to remain part of the SmartSTEMs family as it grows from a single event innovation into the constant movement it is becoming, making its own significant contribution to closing attainment and gender gaps.

This year there will be at least 3 SmartSTEMs events. We have already supported a superb SmartSTEMs for Edinburgh Primary Schoolgirls sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland at their Gogarburn HQ on International Women’s Day. The next SmartSTEMs are a new launch at the University of the West of Scotland at their Paisley Campus on 2nd June and a very welcome return to Glasgow Caledonian University on 7th June.

With even more events and school activities in the pipeline, if you want to get involved then either contact us here at BeYonder or email